Join Hans Christian Andersen, the master storyteller himself, for a magic-carpet ride through 5000 years of Danish history in Denmark's largest and most prestigious cultural institution, the National Museum. From the colorful Viking Period, through medieval Denmark and the renaissance and right up to our time, experience the most beautiful and valuable treasures the country has to offer. Viking weapons, runic stones, drinking horns, royal tapestries, medieval jewelry, religious art, wood-carved altarpieces, crystal goblets, silver tankards, mechanical clocks, magic amulets, bridal garments, love-rings, and marriage beds, folk costumes, royal robes and decorative interiors are among the countless objects on display, each with its own story to tell.

Tours of the National Museum with Hans Christian Andersen are offered only on request. A private museum tour lasts one hour and costs 1000 Danish Kroner ($US 165). Tours are available from mid-May thru mid-September.

For more information and reservations you may contact